4×4 Equip Spectrum V50 Anti-Insect Lighting


4×4 Equip has developed the Spectrum V50 Anti-Insect LED light which gives you the option of having a WHITE light when insects are not so annoying or a YELLOW light when insects are in abundance. Please note that the yellow light will not totally eliminate insects however, it will considerably reduce them.

  • Extruded clear silicon (flexible)
  • Aluminum rigid spine tube (removable)
  • Input 12v DC ± 2v DC
  • 2 x 0.5m rows WHITE and YELLOW SMD LED
  • LED ‘V’ shape conguration provides a 210º lighting area (each row of LED’s produces a 120º lighting arc)
  • 60 x 5050 type LED’s (30 LED’s each side)
  • Power in, 0.1m cable length (waterproof connector)
  • Draw 0.6A / 350lm (Max), White, 30 LED’s
  • Draw 0.6A / 15lm (Max), Yellow, 30 LED’s
  • Draw 1.1A / 365lm (Max), White and Yellow, 60 LED’s

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