Anschutz 1416 DC Classic 22LR 5 Shot


The Match 64 action is used in the ANSCHUTZ Luxus repeaters 1416/1417 and 1516/1517. This is a bolt action with cam cocking, claw extractor, additional cartridge holder and ejector. Telescopic sight mounting is by an 0.43 inch wide ANSCHUTZ Wave Style V-block dovetail rail or by additional drilled and tapped holes. The sliding safety catch on the right hand side blocks the trigger sear in the safe position and simultaneously lifts the trigger sear and bolt release latch. The bolt can also be opened in the safe position, allowing unloading the firearm with the safety engaged.


  • European Classic Sporter
  • Match 64 action
  • European walnut stock
  • 23″ match grade barrel
  • Single stage match trigger
  • Weight 5.5lbs
  • 5 rd magazine (optional 10 shot available)
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