ARB All Weather Stainless Steel Fridge 60L


The ARB Weatherproof fridge has been revealed and ARB are calling it “the ultimate 4WDer’s fridge and they might just be right.

Designed from the ground up – with the needs of 4X4 enthusiasts in mind – the ARB Weatherpoof fridge is built to handle the elements and offers owners a range of well thought out convenience and security features.

If you’re 4X4 is a ute with an open tub or tray, we reckon you’ll be getting a bit excited right about now.

Let’s take a closer look.


Among the many features unique to ARB’s new weatherproof fridge, one of the standouts is a gas strut that will hold the fridge lid open in any position you leave it. Why that hasn’t been thought of before is one of the mysteries of the universe.


The ARB Weatherproof Fridge features a touchpad control panel that can be fully accessed with the lid open. When the lid is closed, access is not available to the section of the touchpad that controls the temperature and low voltage cutout,  preventing unwanted adjustment.



ARB have fitted a magentic lock that is activated on the front section of the touchpad control panel. A unique – user set – locking code can be used to prevent unwanted fridge access.

Additional security for ute owners is provided by a padlock recess built into the exterior and an optional bolt down mounting kit, that allows the fridge to be securely locked in place.


ARB is confident that its new fridge will meet Mother Nature head-on, and win. The new fridge’s body is made predominantly from stainless steel, with UV resistant plastic trims, anodised aluminium latches and stainless steel hinges.

It’s weatherproof and built for the outdoors.


Capacity – 60 litres
Cooling capacity – +10c to -18c
External dimensions – 440mm(H) X 490mm(W) X 820mm (D)
Internal dimensions (Fruit and Dairy) – 144mm(H) X 355mm(W) X 156mm (D)
Internal dimensions (Main compartment) – 332mm(H) X 355mm(W) X 477mm (D)
Weight – 31.8kg
Power – Built in 12/24V DC and 100-240V AC power. Integrated battery protection system

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