BMS Oven Liner


Keep your oven clean with the non-stick Oven Liner! This Heavy Duty Non-Stick Liner makes cleaning up easy! No more back-breaking oven scrubbing
as most baked on spills wipe off easily with warm, soapy water.


– Dishwasher safe
– Actual size 66cm x 41 cm
– Easy to trim for a perfect fit
– Resists heat up to 280C [536F]
– Reversible for longer lasting use
– Food Safe!

Oven Liner keeps the bottom of your oven clean. Spilled lasagna or fat splatters land on the foil, making cleaning a breeze! Just place the liner at the bottom of the oven are you’re ready to go! It’s tearproof, easy to clean, and is heat resistant up to 260°C. 66cm x 41 cm.

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