Companion Aqua Cube Hpse/Tap Adaptor


The Aqua Cube water pressure regulator allows you to connect any standard garden hose to the Aqua Cube shower unit. The regulator controls the water into the shower system to ensure the heating performance of the Aqua Cube is the same as if using the 12 volt pump. The regulator provides the freedom of not having to refill your water supply each time the shower system is used, and is ideal for situations where the shower system is being used for large groups or in fixed installations.

  • Quick connect fitting inlet
  • ¾” BSP threaded outlet
  • 1″ BSP threaded adaptor with male garden hose connector

The pressure regulator has quick connect fittings and is compatible with Aqua Cube models:

  • COMP800 – Series ll
  • COMP812 – Digital
  • COMP825 – Logic
  • COMP830LI – Lithium

Adaptor is factory calibrated and cannot be adjusted

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