Halco Leader Wire Kit 150LB


10m of clear nylon coated 7 strand steel wire PLUS 10 crimping sleeves.

If you are targeting sharks like Mako’s, Bull Sharks, Tiger Sharks, or even schools of sharp-toothed pelagics like Mackerel and Tailor, a wire trace is a no-brainer. There’s nothing worse than suffering bite-offs and losing your favourite lures, so be prepared with Halco’s 10m of 7-strand leader wire. This Leader Wire Kit also comes with 10 bonus crimping sleeves, so you can simply grab a pack and get out on the water!

The wire is flexible for easy handling, yet super tough for trolling. It can be used with either lures or bait, dead or live. The Halco Leader Wire Kit comes with 10m of wire, 10 crimping sleeves, and 6 different strengths.

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