Howa Trekka 2 U/Lite 308 S/S 20″


He’s the Ultimate All Rounder!


The Howa Trekka II is a true all rounder for Australian conditions. The

quality and reliability of the Japanese made Howa rifles is well known,

proven time and time again. A 20 inch barrel makes the Trekka II a handy

rifle for getting in and out of vehicles. It’s compact size and ultra lightweight

action also makes it easy to carry on those long days in the bush. The

versatile 308 cartridge is perfect for all Australia’s bigger game, and the

10-shot detachable magazine allows for plenty of shots in reserve, in case

you come up on the that big mob of pigs or goats you’ve been chasing. The

Hogue rubber over molded stock ensures a secure grip in wet, and

sweaty conditions. All this topped off with a Nikko

Stirling Nighteater in multipurpose 3-9×42.



• 20” Ultralight Stainless Barrel

• Hogue black, pillar bedded, Rubber Over molded stock

• Detachable magazine conversion with 10-shot magazine

• Picatinny rail and 1” low rings

• Nikko Stirling Nighteater 3-9×42 scope


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