Jarvis Walker 500 Pce 3 Tray Tackle Box Kit with Knife


3 Tray Tackle Box

Fillet Knife with Sheath

Plastic Hook Remover

Beads – Large Green

Beads – Small Green

Beads – Large Pink

Beads – Small Pink

Red & White Plastic Float

Aberdeen Hooks

Baitholder Hooks

Bait Keeper Hooks

Kirby Hooks

Ganged Kirby Hooks

Long Shank Hooks

Octopus Hooks

O’Saughnesy Hooks

Lead Jig Heads

Soft Plastic Grubtail Lures

Red Rigging Tube

Ball Sinkers

Bean Sinkers

Barrel Swivels

Barrel Swivels with Snap

Ball Bearing Swivels with Snap

Crossline Swivels

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