Jarvis Walker Long Shank Snelled Hooks


You can set up multi-hook paternoster (dropper) rigs the easy way with these handy pre-snelled hook rigs. Each pack contains 12 long shank hooks, each with a leader length of monofilament already secured to the hook by a snell knot. All you have to do is attach the opposite looped end to your main line, affixing as many snelled hook set-ups as required, then bait each hook and start fishing. They are available in sizes 12 to 2. Long shank hooks are first choice for many whiting and garfish anglers, and they’re just as useful for catching small baitfish with the smaller sizes 12 to 6. Flathead anglers also like the pattern. It has a longer shank than standard hook patterns, which is ideal for baiting worms, thin fish strips and peeled prawns. The long shank length also makes it easier to grip when removing it from hooked fish, which is great for kids and beginners. With this hook in a snelled format, it’s never been easier to haul in multiple hook-ups of your favourite saltwater fish. They can also be used to catch live baits.