Joker Collie Knife


The Collie folding knife comes with a practical compact upswept point blade, useful for countless small tasks. It has strong back lock mechanism, which will ensure that the blade will stay locked wile under heavy use and the handle is made from Stamina which really makes this knife stand out.

Note: If you think that this design resembles a German Puma Knives model at all, this is because Joker Knives are actually the manufacturer of this model, which then gets sent to Puma and is sold under the style name “Couger”. However, by buying it under the Joker name is more affordable as you are not paying the premium for Puma Knives brand name, and yet still getting the same quality knife. 

Handle: Stamina
Steel:  Molybdenum Vanadium rust resistant high carbon steel
Full Length: 145mm
Blade Dimensions: 70 x 12 x 2.5mm
Made in Spain

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