Jarvis Walker Stainless Steel Fish Smoker


MAKE GREAT TASTING FISH! Create amazing dinners and lunch meat with your own Jarvis Walker Stainless Steel Fish Smoker. Popular smoking species include trout and Atlantic salmon, of course, but did you know that species famous for inconsistent eating reviews are very edible, in fact delicious, when smoked? That list includes Australian salmon, tailor, queenfish, trevally and most freshwater fish. The truth is any fish can be smoked for a great tasting meat. Smoked fish stores well and is a handy way to cook any of your catch for use in sandwiches and salads, or on toast for breakfast. Jarvis Walker Fish Smokers are sold complete with detailed instructions on how to smoke fish, how to use the smoker and how to clean it. Jarvis Walker makes it even easier with our Smoking Sawdust Special Blend, sold alongside our Fish Smoker. If you haven’t tried freshly smoked fish, you’re missing out! TIP: Only use approved smoking sawdust because some timbers have resin and gum that make fish inedible.

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