LED Warm 16Lum Tonglite


Tonglite – Ultimate LED BBQ Tong


– Ergonomic comfortable handle grip suits large or small hands.
– FRN (Fibre Reinforced Nylon) handle.
– Highly efficient stainless steel jaws (ideal to pick up large or small items).
– Unique pivoting action operates with minimal effort.
– Long reach keeps users hands a safe distance from the fire.
– Dish washer friendly (Please remove flashlight first)
– Locks closed for compact storage.
– Can be hung on a hook (in a closed position).
– Fitted with aluminum LED Flashlight.
– Warm white LED light ideal for display of meat colours and textures.
– Removable E.D.C waterproof flashlight.
– Uses 1xAAA Battery (Included)

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