Leupold Delta Cross Mount


At Leupold were proud to have improved many key aspects of reflex sight technology. Our proprietary motion sensor detects even the slightest movement and instantly activates the DeltaPoint, so it is at the ready the moment you are. Its a breakthrough that saves battery life, and could save yours. The autobrightness sensor is another forward-thinking idea, automatically sampling the ambient light to adjust reticle brightness at the same rate as pupil dilation. Weve even improved the housing by using lightweight magnesium tested to withstand up to 3500 Gs of impact.


The image brightness of the DeltaPoint comes from the unique aspheric lens. Youll be amazed at the edge-to-edge clarity, thanks to a viewing window up to 56% larger than comparable sights. The sharp, clear picture is boosted by edge blackened lens treatments to reduce glare and light diffusion for even more resolution and clarity. The lens is also treated with DiamondCoat for complete abrasion and scratch resistance. Together these features create a clear, crisp aiming point.


The DeltaPoint is a true precision instrument, thanks to generous adjustment room for windage and elevation. A locking adjustment system ensures retention of your zero, even under the stress of large caliber semi-auto pistols with heavy recoil. Easily adjustable with the included tool. The DeltaPoint features a 120-MOA adjustment range for both elevation and windage, so zero is easy to change and maintain, and adjustments are easy to make at the range.


Our proprietary motion sensor detects even the slightest movement and instantly activates the illumination. Just give it a twitch and the DeltaPoint is ready to rock.


By continuously sampling lighting conditions, the DeltaPoint establishes optimal reticle intensity. The DeltaPoint also eliminates aiming-point flicker, for a consistent target reticle in low-light situations.


The auto-off feature shuts down the reticle after five minutes of inactivity. Also includes an elastomeric cover that reduces the battery draw of the DeltaPoint when placed over the sight. Overall, the DeltaPoint has twice the battery life of other reflex sights.


DiamondCoat lens coatings mean superior abrasion resistance, above and beyond military standards.


Lightweight but tough as nails, the rugged magnesium housing protects the lens during fastpaced action. The DeltaPoint is also shockproof for maximum performance on large caliber firearms.


The DeltaPoint is absolutely waterproof and completely reliable in any condition.

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