Lithgow LA102 Centrefire Laminate Titanium


At last the All AUSTALIAN built rifle is here – Offered in .223 REM, .243 WIN and .308 WIN

The LA102 maintains the millitart form-following function style of the LA101 (rim fire) rifle with reinsorced polymer stock, Broad flat fore end and CerakoteTM treated barrel and reciever.  Accuracy, now synonymous with the Lithgow Arms Brand, is assured by their full floated, choked hammer forged barrels with semi-match chambers and three lug lock up bolts.  The new three lever style trigger module fitted to the LA102 is adjustable for weight, sear engagement and overdraw.

Each millitary grade steel barrel is cold hammer forged and manufactured in the same machine at Lithgow that makes the barrels for the ADF’s Austeyer Rifles ensuring their oustanding accuracy.

The fit, feel and balance of these rifles out of the box is exceptional.  


OVERALL LENGTH:    1067-1087mm (polymer adjustable stock), 1077mm (Timber)

WEIGHT:  3.5kg (Polymer Stock), 3.7kg (Timber)

BARREL:  Proprietary, military grade steel, cold hammer forged.  Medium varmint weight, target crowned.  Coated in Cerakote™.


RIFLING:  6 Groove.  223Rem – 1 in 9” twist, 243Win – 1 in 10” twist, 308Win – 11” twist.

MUZZLE THREAD (optional):  M14 x 1 Right Hand

RECEIVER:  High tensile steel with plate recoil lug.  Picatinny rail. Coated in Cerakote™.

STOCK:   Floating design with 3 sling studs, available in polymer, walnut and laminate.

LENGTH OF PULL:  338-358mm (polymer adjustable) 348mm (Timber).

TRIGGER:  Single stage, three way adjustable for weight, sear engagement and draw length.  Factory set at 1.5kg, adjustment range 0.75kg – 1.9kg.

SAFETY:  Two position, bolt shroud mounted, rotating safety catch with indicator.  Safety catchover-cocks and blocks the firing pin and disconnects the trigger.

MAGAZINE:  Removable, single stack box magazine, polymer construction.  223Rem – 4 round, 243Win – 3 round, 308Win – 3 round.

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