Miroku ML 11 Adjustable Stock 30″ Sporter


The latest version of the ML 11 range, designed as a competition gun suitable for Trap and Sporting. This gun features the same raised 11mm to 8mm tapered rib as
the standard ML11 and uses the Invector Plus Choke System. This gun also incorporates an Adjustable Stock and semi beavertail forend.


ACTION: ML11 Low profile reciever with silver finish & orange accents.

BARRELS: 30″ with 11mm-8mm Step Rib

CHOKES: Invector Plus

SIGHTS: White Mid Bead, HiViz Front Sight

PAD: Vented Side Rib

FOREND: New Beaver Tail design

STOCK: Adjustable stock grade 3 oil finish

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