Oricom UHF180F

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Key Features

• Slimline transceiver

• 80 channels*

• 5 Watts (max TX power)

• Heavy duty microphone with volume and channel control

• Wideband scanner (400 – 512MHz)

• 8500+ Receive frequencies

• 200 user programmable receive only channels

• 5 digit Selcall ID with alpha display

• 38 CTCSS and 104 DCS codes

• Tri colour backlit LCD display (Amber/Red/Green)

• Duplex* (range extender)

• Priority channel

• Open/instant/priority scan

• Digital squelch control

• Rotary channel and volume control

• 3.5mm external speaker jack

• Rugged chassis construction with integrated heat sink

Requires antenna (not supplied). Designed and engineered in Korea.

* This 80 channel narrowband radio communicates with 40 channel r adios on the first 40 channels (1 to 40) but has another 40 cha nnels (41 to 80) which will

communicate with new 80 channel narrowband radios. In total the re are 75 useable Narrowband voice channels. V oice communications are prohibited onChannels 22 and 23 as they are used for T elemetry and Telecommand. Channels 61,62 and 63 are guard channels and are no t available for use. Channel 5 and35 (paired for Duplex repeaters) are emergency channels and sho uld be used only in an emergency. The CTCSS and DCS function are not allowed to operate onthese channels. A list of currently authorised channels can be obtained from the ACMA website in Australia and the MED website in New Zealand. There are 8Repeater channels 1 to 8 output (31 to 38 input ). Additional r epeater channels 41-48 input and 71-78 output are now also avai lable. This radio is user upgradableat no cost to allow repeater use on channels 41-48 and 71-78. D etails are available on our website on how to upgrade the radio . Any designated repeater channelmay be used for simplex operation in areas where it is not in o perational range of a CB repeater station.

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