OZtrail 300W Pure Sine Wave Inverter


The OZtrail Pure Sine Wave Inverter is a compact and highly portable power inverter that is designed to convert an input of 12V DC to an output of 240V AC. It delivers 300W of clean mains-quality power. To get the most out of a fully charged battery, it is important to select an inverter closest to your appliance Wattage. Bigger is not always better as you may prematurely discharge your battery by running a higher wattage inverter than required. Modified Sine Wave inverters are acceptable for non-fluorescent lighting, however today’s expensive and complex electronic equipment often includes microprocessors which means laptops and TVs, battery chargers (e.g. for lights or phones) and any power tool or appliance with a variable speed control should only be powered by an inverter that produces a Pure Sine Wave. The Pure Sine Wave power generated is a clean and stable power source exactly the same as mains power. OZtrail Pure Sine Wave inverters are designed to provide trouble free operation and include protection against short circuits, overload, reverse polarity, low voltage input and automatic thermal shutdown. If a fault is detected the inverter will automatically cut the power output and restart once the fault has been rectified.

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