Primus 60L Mammoth Fridge


The Primus Mammoth 60L fridge has a generous 60L capacity, Tough metal exterior combined with rounded plastic edges make this fridge / freezer perfect for any of your portable requirements. A high efficiency compressor with ECO and MAX modes allows you to customise your requirements for heavy use in bringing down temperatures or extremely efficient temperature maintenance. The Primus Mammoth 100L fridge also has a 3 stage battery protection system as well as a Internal LED light for low light situations. Metal handles, sturdy lid latches and removable internal basket add up to an impressive list of features for this Fridge/Freezer – and at a great price too!

New Upgrades Include:

  • Upgraded control panel – Clearer display with additional information such as battery voltage and Condition
  • Upgraded control software for more accurate temperature display
  • Integrated handles to increase strength and reduce overall length
  • Upgraded handles improve ease of opening



  • Tough metal exterior
  • Digital control panel with electronic temperature control
  • High efficiency compressor with ECO and MAX modes
  • 12/24V DC and 240V AC power inputs
  • 3 stage battery protection
  • Internal LED light
  • Metal handles
  • Sturdy lid latches
  • Removable internal baskets


Dimensions: 659 x 374 x 574mm

Gross Capacity: 60L

Connections: AC 220V – 240V DC 12V/24V

Average Consumption: 0.87 A/Hr

Cooling Range: +4 to -18°C

Power Input: AC 0.18A / DC 3.75A/1.87A

Insulation: PU Foam

Compressor: SECOP BD35F

Thermostat: Electronic control

Material: Metal cabinet, lid and lining

Weight: 24.0kg


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