RCBS Trim Pro 2 Case Trimmer


RCBS Case Trimmers are designed to be user friendly and provide very accurate results – the Trim Pro-2 is no different. With a few turns of the handle cases are trimmed accurately and squarely.

The Trim Pro-2’s spring-loaded universal lever shellholder eliminates muscle fatigue associated with long hours of tightening a T-bar and having to purchase separate trimmer plates for different size cases.

The trimmer works with standard pilots and features a 0.001″ accuracy, coarse and fine trim length adjustments, and a fine adjustment bushing with 0.001″ micrometer marking.

One of the other great features of the Trim Pro-2 is that RCBS has eliminated the need for the reloader to purchase different shellplates. The trimmer will hold cases with rim diameters of 0.250″ to 0.625″; and in length from the 5.7x28mm FN to the 338 Lapua Magnum.

Technical Information:

  • Base length: 8-5/8″
  • Material: Die cast metal with hardened cutting blades
  • Pilots Used: RCBS case trimmer pilots
  • Pilots Included: No



Does not include pilots

Cases with rim diameters larger than 0.625″ must be trimmed on the high capacity case trimmer

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