Redfield Revolution 3-9×40 4plex


A NO-NONSENSE SCOPE FOR NO-NONSENSE HUNTERS. Revolution has everything you need, and nothing you dont.

The rebirth of an American legend; the all-new Redfield Revolution. Made in Oregon using state-of-the-art design, manufacturing, assembly, and testing techniques, the Revolution produces optical, mechanical, and functional superiority that no import can rival.

The Illuminator Lens System combines premium lenses with cutting edge multilayer, vapour-deposition coatings to provide unparalleled image quality, a greater usable field of view, and superior light transmission.

Heavy posts jump from the background, while guiding the eye to the image centre quickly. Thin crosshairs allow precision placement of your shot.

Painstaking design effort resulted in Redfields exclusive Rapid Target Acquisition (RTA) eyepiece, meaning no more missed opportunities because you couldnt find the sweet spot behind the scope.

Tested to levels that literally render competitive scopes useless, you can rest assured that your Revolution is absolutely waterproof, fog proof, shock proof, and covered by the Redfield Full Lifetime Warranty.


Made in Oregon

Resettable, stainless steel finger-click Accu-Trac adjustments

Best in class durability, image quality, and field of view

4-Plex Reticle

Waterproof, fog proof, shock proof

Rapid Target Acquisition (RTA) eyepiece

Lockable eyepiece

Redfield Full Lifetime Warranty

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