RedZone Vulture Field Ready Bow


Fully adjustable from 20-30 inch draw length and 20 pound draw weight adjustment. All adjustments made by allen key – no bow press required. Compact size is easy to carry and a caliper release aid is recommended.

The cams can be adjusted to infinity draw which will make the Vulture into a bow fishing style bow. This package gives outstanding value for money and comes with everything included “ready to shoot”. 

Bow package includes Redzone fitted: 5 Pin fibreoptic sight with blue LED sight light, Quick shot whisker biscuit arrow rest, Stabilizer, Camo 6 arrow quiver, Wrist sling, Wheel peep sight, String silencers, Fitted Nok set with D-Loop. Also included is our deluxe field ready package supplied = 6 x Alloy 2118 arrows and 1 x Economy compound bow bag in black.

Key Features

  • Right hand model
  • Draw weight 40 to 60 lbs
  • Vibration dampener cable bar
  • Adjustable draw length and poundage
  • Fitted wheel peep sight, string silencers and D-loop
  • Quality cables and materials includes alloy wheels and riser 
  • Ready to shoot with field ready accessories package


Available in Camo and Pink Camo