Rovex D8 Hi-Viz Yellow


There are so many variables to consider when we fish. Consistency and predictability in performance improves when we reduce or manage any of these variables when we can. One variable that can easily be managed is our fishing line. Finding a quality, high performance line that we can load to all our reels, for all our different fishing applications, provides consistency and predictability. We know how it will perform under load, in different conditions, and we know the type of performance it will generate in even our most demanding lures. Rovex D8 Eight Strand Braid is an ideal braid for all fishing applications.

Rovex D8 Eight Strand Braid for sale now, is a high performance 8 carrier braid, designed by the Japanese, the continuing force in line innovation and excellence. Diameters are very slim relative to test weight, and with the round profile. This is brilliant for line lay and casting manners are outstanding, it cast’s the proverbial mile, and accuracy is assured.

The lighter line classes are excellent for the fresh, hunting trout, Bass and the like. They are also brilliant for all finesse saltwater fishing, where you want to extract every bit of performance from your lure. When you’re out hunting tackle busting bullets like Tuna for example, 300yds of 80lb, will provide all the confidence you need to lay in to the hook up and turn it back to the boat. Get consistent, and catch more fish with Rovex D8 Eight Strand Braid on all your favourite reels.