Rovex Depth Finder Braid Line 30LB 600YD


PREMIUM QUALITY COLOUR-METERED JIGGING BRAID! Rovex Depth Finder Braid is colour-metered using an advanced dying technology to indicate how much line is out and how deep/far the bait or lure is set. It’s an excellent tool when jigging, bottom fishing or trolling, allowing the kind of fishing accuracy Australia’s best anglers rely on to maximise their catch. Rovex Depth Finder braid is premium quality braided fishing line. It’s made using the latest microfilament technology and cutting edge braiding machines that produce the smallest diameter-for-strength, longest casting and quietest braided fishing line possible. It’s rounder and smoother, it casts like a dream from both spinning and baitcaster reels and is less prone to wind knots than other braids. The high-tech materials and finish are designed for harsh saltwater environments. It’s been tested extensively, proving it’s got the measure of the toughest Aussie sportfish such as kingfish, samson fish, giant trevally and dogtooth tuna. 

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