Sharp N Easy


Dull knives aren’t safe or any good at doing their job. Any tool that makes knife sharpening easy is a must-have item for the shop, kitchen and toolbox.

The Accusharp Sharp-n-Easy Two Step Sharpner is a small, hexagonal disc which is easy to use with coarse and fine ceramic rods set at the perfect angle on opposite ends.

The knife is first drawn over the coarse rods to create the edge and then over the fine rods to polish the edge.

The tool is so efficient it only takes three or four strokes on each set of rods. We’ve seen a fair number of similar designs, but this is by far our favourite, not only because it does a great job, but also because of the non-slip grips and base which greatly increase the safety factor.

It’s that fast! It’s that easy! The compact SharpNEasy sharpener is small enough for your Pocket, Tackle Box, Daypack, Briefcase or Purse.

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