Smart Rest Nitro Force SR01


The SmartRest is a brand developed by Eagleye Hunting Gear. The NitroForce SR01 is the first model. The NitroForce SR01 was designed as a highly accurate and precise gun rest in the tradition of the “MaXbox”. Featuring nitro pistons in opposing directions mounted on a pivoting and swiveling axle the support, adjustment, movement and range features are superior to any gun rest ever made. Primary use of the SR01 is a precise varmint rest. The advantages of owning the SR01 (besides being the envy of all your peers) is the fact you can use it as a precise bench rest, target rest and hunting rest. As shown in the above video’s multiple targets at any distance are easily taken with quick and accurate success. 

The SR01 is made of anodised aluminium tube, fastened with hand tightening bolts and nylon bushing. The SR01 requires no tools or locking mechanisms to operate. Larger and smaller arms are available to allow them to be interchangeable to customize the shape and heights to your individual needs and sizes of your firearms. The magnetic feet are adjustable. The feet can also be swapped with pointed feet if desired. The Nitro Pistons are under warranty for one year after purchase. The pistons are also easily swapped, upgraded or down pressurized if required. Do not pressurize higher than 12kg. The V mounts are lined with thin rubber for accurate response. If the individual desies to protect the rifle further we recommend a foam sticky tape (available from all hardware stores) installed on the V Mounts

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