SOG SL3 Folding Knife with Whistle & Firestarter


This tough, versatile folding knife could hold the key to survival in the great outdoors. It weighs just 2.7 ounces, and fits easily in a pocket, belt pouch, gear bag, or tackle box, but the extraordinary TOOL LOGIC SL3 is a complete off-road survival kit.


Features include a razor sharp 3″ 50/50 serrated blade, a loud emergency signal whistle and a magnesium alloy fire starter. The serrated/straight edge combo blade has a large thumb hole for fast, one-hand operation, aided by the sturdy liner lock in the compact, ultra-light Zytel body.

A sleeve along the top of the handle holds the fire starter. This almost magical little tool contains a magnesium alloy bar which will throw off a shower of intensely hot sparks when struck or scraped by the back of the knife blade. With proper tinder, it can efficiently start a life-sustaining fire, even when wet. And it’s rated for hundreds of strikes, so it’s as durable as the rest of this versatile little tool.

Youll find the SL3 a welcome companion for rugged outdoor sports, and minor, as well as critical, survival applications. This durable, corrosion-resistant, multi-purpose knife will be a welcome addition to any pack, gear bag, tool kit, tackle box, or vest.


  • 3-inch partially serrated edge stainless steel blade
  • Removable Magnesium alloy fire starter
  • Loud Signal Whistle built into handle
  • Large thumb hole for easy one-hand operation
  • Stainless steel boot/belt/pocket clip
  • Durable, ultra-light Zytel body
  • Liner-Type Lock
  • Lanyard Holder
  • Overall length: 7-inches
  • Blade Length: 3-inches
  • Weight: 3 ounces


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