Formula Target Pro Tour Dart Board



A world class dartboard; made with compacted superior sisal. Many years of excellence has enabled Target to create this championship quality, self-healing, instant shape recovery bristle dart board. A great dartboard for anyone from a total beginner to a seasoned pro.


Ultra high tensile steel edge.

Smart edge blade wiring system, 100% staple free and much thinner than conventional round wire boards making more of the target area available, thus maximising scoring averages.

Anti-glare white number ring, fully rotatable to even out board wear and increase lifespan. It is advised you do this once a week (on this, or any other dartboard).

Includes all necessary mounting brackets and screws.

Endorsed by Phil Taylor, Stephen Bunting, Dave Chisnall and Adrian Lewis who says, “This is by far the best board I’ve ever played on.”


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