Tsunami Paddle Tail Lures


The essential ingredient in any successful soft plastic lure is action, and the new Tsunami Scented Paddle Tails have plenty of that. The refined shad design features an extremely soft and narrow plastic articulation that allows the tail to kick and beat with the slightest movementeven on the drop!

Infused with a fish-attracting scent, the Tsunami Scented Paddle Tails present an irresistible appeal that triggers more aggressive strikes. They are available in three sizes (3, 4 and 6) and four proven colour combinations. They are ideal for impoundment fishing, freshwater fishing, estuary fishing and reef fishing.

Predatory fish will explode onto the Tsunami Scented Paddle Tails. Slow roll them across sandbars for flathead, cast them around snags and weed beds for barramundi and bass, or bomb them down to the depths for coral trout, fingermark, and mulloway. Simply rig them on an appropriate size Tsunami Jighead and the Tsunami Scented Paddle Tails will put more fish in the net.