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Can you please tell me if my Husband/Boyfriend is in the shop? :)

Yes, we have great regulars in store an there’s every chance they are still here…. Or they may have just left the store and are heading home to you now 🙂

If you have a description and clothing they were last seen in, it will greatly assist us in identifying them and passing on your message.

Messages are free of charge to our loyal customers.

Cam and Simon can be found here usually from 4pm 🙂

Do I need a licence for a BOW

In Western Australia a Compound Bow, Recurve Bow or Long Bow can be purchased without licence.

These articles are covered under the Weapons Act as a Controlled Weapon.

The useage of them is strictly for Sport and Recreational Activities on private property, with a club, or other suitable recreational space.

If you have further questions please contact our sales staff.

Can you post ammunition?

Unfortunately WA laws prohibit sending any ammunition, powder or primers via the post.

Please contact our sales staff to see if there is any arrangement we can make,

How do I obtain a Firearms Licence

This is a very basic question and quest we are more than happy to assist you with.

For a brief step by step – Please read below.  Please contact our staff for further information:-

1:    You need a firearm – type and serial no to apply with.  This can be purchased through us or privately.

2:   A Servicibility Certificate needs to be completed.  These are Free with a firearm purchase with us.

3:   If its your original licence – a small multiple test is completed by the applicant in our store.

4:   You will need a Property Letter,  Size of land relates to size of calibre permitted on the application.

5:  We complete the ON LINE application with you.

6:   You take the Completed application to an Australian Post Office – with 100pts of ID.  They submit this application to Police Licensing.

7:   Then we wait……………..If its an ORIGINAL application there is a 28 day wait from here…  For ADDITIONS there is a small processing time to wait.

8:   Your licence approval is mailed out to YOU….  You can come and collect your new Firearm from us:)