Campfire 11 Piece Enamel Cookware Set


·         Classic enamel design

·         Complete camping pack

·         11 piece set

·         4 mugs, 4 plates, fry pan, billy and coffee pot

·         Black speckled effect


·         4pc X 24cm Dinner plates: Outer Dia.: 24.8cm X H: 2.8cm

·         4pc X 8cm Mugs: Outer Dia/Inner Dia: 10cm / 9cm X H: 6cm

·         1pc X 24cm Frypan: Outer Dia.:24cm X H:3.5cm

·         1pc X 3L Billy Can with Lid: Outer Dia/Inner Dia:19cm / 18cm X H:14.8cm

·         1pc X 2L Coffe Pot with Lid: H: 18.5cm


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