AFN WA Fish ID Card – Vinyl


The Fish ID Guide by AFN is an essential for your next fishing adventure! This handy guide provides you with Western Australian regulations and helps to identify the fish in your surroundings! The guide advises which fish are potentially dangerous or if they are protected species, whilst also advising size and bag limits, so you’ll know if you can take your catch home with you. The AFN Fish ID Guide is waterproof, tear proof and crush proof – to allow use day after day! Don’t be caught out – Keep a Fish ID Guide in your tackle box or on the boat for all of your upcoming fishing experiences!


  • Shows every local fish that has regulations, plus all popular species.
  • Detailed fish illustration for quick identification.
  • Good eating guide.
  • Angling meerit.
  • Bag limits.
  • Minimum size limits.
  • Seasons.
  • Protected species.
  • Dangerous species.
  • Waterproof and tearproof – ideal for the tacklebox.

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