Eley 22Lr Subsonic HP 1040 FPS


Subsonic Hollow is a lower velocity hunting cartridge with target shooting accuracy. Lower velocity by comparison to other hunting rounds affords a more reduced muzzle report.

The Subsonic product has been developed with a non-greasy special lubricant (minimum dry lube) for more dependable operation in semi automatics and improved functioning in all weather conditions.

Subsonic Hollow has an innovative bullet and hollow profile, providing unequalled bullet expansion and stopping power. Market leading expansion characteristics deliver short travel as the bullet expands.

ELEY’s Subsonic Hollow is also referred to as one the quietest subsonic rounds on the market and has great accuracy.

Subsonic is suitable for single shot bolt action rifles and semi automatic magazine feed rifles.


Bullet weight: 40 grains
Velocity: 1040 fps
Lubricant: Paraffin Wax (minimum dry lube)
Profile: Hollow Point

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