Federal 40 S&W 180Gr TSJ Syntech


Conventional ammunition causes metal-on-metal contact between the bullet and bore, which can shorten barrel life and rob accuracy. But the all-new polymer-encapsulated Syntech bullet prevents this, while eliminating copper and lead fouling. Combined with specialized clean-burning powders, your gun will stay cleaner, longer, so you can shoot more and shoot better. The exclusive lead free Catalyst primer provides the most reliable, consistent ignition possible.

Syntech: A smoother way to shoot.


Polymer-encapsulated Syntech bullet prevents metal-on-metal contact in the bore, eliminating copper and lead fouling, while extending barrel life

Exclusive lead-free primer formulation provides reliable, consistent ignition

Clean-burning propellants minimize residue and fouling

Significantly reduces the required frequency of cleaning

Absence of a copper jacket minimizes splash-back on steel targets

Less perceived recoil

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