Fox Whistling Techniques Book


Fox whistling is an art being re-discovered every day by more and more hunters looking for a new challenge.

Whistling up foxes is action packed and best of all, is accessible to everyone – little wonder this hunting style is gaining such popularity.

“Fox Whistling Techniques” contains in equal parts “How to” technical skills, the philosophy crucial to the successful fox caller’s deception strategy and tales aplenty of fox whistling adventure.

Included too are fox whistle blueprints – make your own!

Plus answers to questions like – How long before you go back to the same property?

So when is the best time to call?

So what fox whistles do you use? And loads more.

It contains proven techniques that will dramatically increase your odds and give you the edge on your next fox whistling adventure.

This very informative and entertaining book was written by successful bowhunter, Mike Murphy who lives in the Perth hills in Western Australia and lists his interests as fox whistling and bream fishing and his occupation as a retailer with years of whip making and whip cracking achievements has earned his company, Murphy Whips, the number one choice for whip enthusiasts around the world and his biography states.

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