Hornady One Shot Case Lube


The most popular lube on the market
One Shot Case Lube is the most popular reloading cartridge and tool lubricant in the market, because; Case Lube is a dry film “Boundary” lubricant that is non-hazardous, does not contaminate powders or primers, and the “DynaGlide”™ technology exceeds US Military & NATO load carrying capacity requirements by 6 times. Precision shooters appreciate One Shot Case Lube’s clean, non-sticky, quick and easy application when loading large volumes of rounds at a time. The flexible all-purpose dry film lubricant use on their other reloading tools is a major bonus.
Lube entire blocks of cases in one shot. Dries in minutes. One Shot is a non-petroleum product that will not contaminate powder or primers.

• Improves tool and die performance and extends service life. 
• A high speed “micro penetrating”, high pressure dry film. 
• Will not contaminate powder or primers. 
• Evenly distributes lubricant over the entire case (won’t creep or migrate). 
• DynaGlide Plus® prevents tarnish, which in turn reduces drag on case extraction and helps prevent scoring/scratching damage
• Offers advantages in critical match load accuracy. 
• Eliminates the paste lubing mess. 
• Improves ejection and reduces scoring and scratching of cases. 
• Minimizes jamming problems in semi-automatic firearms. 
• Works great for lubricating presses and other equipment

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