Jarvis Walker Tuff Tip III

This premium rod range has 19 models to choose from, so there’s something for all popular fishing styles. The Tuff Tip blanks are as powerful as ever and feature clear solid tips. Quality guides are fitted with under and over bindings, complemented with cushioned reel seats and EVA grips. Carbon graphite has been integrated into the design of all baitcast, spin and estuary models for added sensitivity and casting performance.
CodeModelProduct StyleMet.PcRating
11520Tuff Tip GB 6001 TLMSpinning Rods1.80m1/P6-10kg
11521Tuff Tip SW 9002 TLMSpinning Rods2.90m2/P5-10kg
11522Tuff Tip SW 1202 TLMSpinning Rods3.70m2/P6-10kg
11524Tuff Tip – CT 6002 TLMSpinning Rods1.80m2/P3-6kg
11526Tuff Tip – CT 7602 TLMSpinning Rods2.30m2/P3-6kg
11532Tuff Tip SB 6601 OHHOverhead Rods2.00m1/P10-15kg
11533Tuff Tip SB 6002 TLMSpinning Rods1.80m2/P5-8kg
11534Tuff Tip SB 6602 TLMSpinning Rods2.00m2/P4-8kg
11535Tuff Tip SW 7002 TLLSpinning Rods2.10m2/P5-8kg
11536Tuff Tip GB 6601 TLMSpinning Rods2.00m1/P6-10kg
11537Tuff Tip SB 7001 TLMSpinning Rods2.10m1/P5-10kg
11538Tuff Tip SW 8002 TLMSpinning Rods2.40m2/P4-10kg
11539Tuff Tip SW 1002 TLMSpinning Rods3.20m2/P5-10kg
11541Tuff Tip 1503 3/Piece SurfSpinning Rods4.60m3/P6-12kg
11543Tuff Tip 7002 ESXSpinning Rods2.10m2/P3-5kg
11544Tuff Tip SB 6601 TBHSpinning Rods2.00m1/P10-12kg
11545Tuff Tip – CT 6602 ESXSpinning Rods2.00m2/P3-6kg

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.