Leder Tanning Kit Commercial 2.5L


The Utility kit will Tan approximately 6 kg of skins into pliable leather and The Commerical kit will Tan approximately 30 kg of skins into pliable leather. How to tan skins: Skin should be salted immediately after skinned. Skin must be tanned within one month. Mix Leder Tanning Formula with water in a suitable bucket or tub. Place skins and salt into the solution. The tanning process takes between 3 to 10 days depending on the thickness of the skins. When the tanning process is complete, wash skin and apply Leder Leather Lube with a soft brush. Peg out skin to dry. Leder Commercial Tanning Kit (2 1/2 Litres) Leder Commercial Tanning Knife 2 1/2L of Leder Tanning Formula 2 1/2L of Leder Leather Lube

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