Lightforce 240mm Hunting Handheld Kit


This new Lightforce Remote Mount and Handheld lighting system is versatile and allows for your handheld spotlight to easily be mounted on your vehicle. It comes complete with plug and play connectors, and can be secured perfectly atop your vehicle using the provided suction cups, without the risk of any scratches or damage. The easy-to-use handle allows the spotlight to be directed as needed, allowing for free hands operation once positioned.

The 240mm Blitz Halogen Handheld is equipped with long leads, that allow reaching the cigarette lighter or battery at a further distance. Cigarette plug and alligator clamps are easily interchangeable and the option to quickly change from vehicle mount to handheld makes the light versatile and adaptable to different situations in and outside the vehicle.
The roof mount kit includes powerful suction cups for simple attachment to any roof or windscreen without the risk of causing any damage to the vehicle. The connection to all terminals are waterproof, so the light can be used in rainy or wet conditions.
The Blitz 240mm Halogen Handheld is perfect for long distance use and the computer designed parabolic reflector and lightweight ergonomic design delivers a spotlight that is unequalled in light output, quality, durability and user comfort.
A Red Spot Filter is included for animals that are sensitive to light, and additional Green and Amber Filters can be purchased separately.


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