Lyman Tmag II Press


Handgun or Rifle, this versatile turret press is a value packed alternative to expensive progressive models.

The USA’s favourite high-speed turret press has been re-engineered and upgraded to offer unmatched versatility, power and precision.

The T-Mag II has a new Hi-Tech iron frame with state of the art silver hammer tone powder coat finish for guaranteed durability.

Lyman’s improved Turret Retention System allows for smooth indexing while maintaining rock solid turret support while the new turret handle makes indexing easier than ever.

The T-Mag II’s 6 station turret head lets the reloader mount up to 6 different reloading dies at one time. Like more expensive progressive presses, the turret head detaches to easily change calibres while retaining your precise set up. The turret handle doubles as a turret removing wrench. No tools required.

Obtain extra turret heads and have all your favourite calibres set up to reload.

The T-Mag II also features a “flat machined” base that mounts easily to a wood or metal bench. Compound leverage assures a powerful and smooth operation and the handle mounts for either right or left hand use. The T-Mag II uses standard 7/8″ x 14 dies and can be used for reloading rifle or pistol cases. It comes with universal priming arm, primer catcher, and turret handle.

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