Nosler Custom Brass


Each piece of brass bears the “Nosler” headstamp and is manufactured under the company’s strict philosophy of “quality first.” With uncompromising attention to detail, each round of Nosler Custom cartridge brass is made to precise dimensional standards and tolerances using top-grade materials to maximize accuracy, consistency and enhance case life. Flash holes are deburred, necks are deburred and chamfered, followed by the same rigorous quality controls that Nosler bullets have experienced for 63 years. For brass, that means every piece is hand-inspected, weight-sorted and then packaged fully prepped and ready to load.

Features include:

  • Fully prepped, ready to load
  • Case mouths are chamfered and deburred
  • Nosler Custom Brass is hand-inspected and weight-sorted
  • Flash holes are deburred and checked for proper alignment
  • Quality made, NoslerCustom Brass is packaged in quantities of 50 or 25 count boxes
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