Oricom UHF5500-1 5watt hand held UHF CB


5/1 watt RF

High powered transmitter.

Rugged die cast metal

Tough and built to last.

Fast charger POD supplied with 240v and 12v adaptors

Easy to use fast charger at home or in the car. 

3 Programmable instant channel buttons

Allows you to select your three favourite channels you wish to monitor. 

80 Narrowband channels*

Allows you to choose from 80 transmission frequencies to transmit or receive.

38 CTCSS & 104 DCS Privacy codes

Block out any unwanted conversations. 


Local repeater stations re-transmit your signals over a wider area. This extends the effective range of the radio, giving you the greater reach.

Channel scan (instant/memory/priority)

Gives you the option to scan all channels in memory and lock on any active channels or to select the channels you wish to monitor/listen to in a group. 

Backlit LCD display

The display lights up when receiving a transmission or when you push a button.

Rotary volume control

Compensating for fluctuations in receive audio level, helping to provide a constant audio output.

Keypad lock

To prevent accidentally pushing buttons to change the settings or channels.

Power save mode

Activates after a period of inactivity to save battery power. 

2.5mm jack for optional headset or speaker mic

Allowing for hands-free operation.

3 year warranty 

Peace of mind. Buy your Oricom product with confidence.

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