Oztrail Resort Beach Dome



Fun in the sun is the catch cry of almost anything designed for use in or near the water. Whether it is relaxing on the beach in a comfortable chair, streaking through the surf in a kayak, or lazing on an inflatable donut in the backyard pool; getting out and enjoying the water in the outdoors is great fun.

The OZtrail Resort Beach Dome is a spacious beach shelter for up to three people! This dome design makes it very simple and quick to pitch and it can be securely anchored with the special sand pegs. For strong wind, simply fill the sand pockets at the base to give your shelter even more stability. The sand pockets cover the length of the sides and back of the shelter up to bottom of the window and are split into three compartments per side, helping it stay to the ground in windy conditions. The entrance can be zipped shut and mesh windows on the sides provide good ventilation!



  • Self-supporting design with 3 fibreglass poles
  • UPF50+ silver coated polyester sun tough fabric
  • Convenient heavy duty PE floor
  • Zip up front for privacy and security
  • Large roll down windows for ventilation
  • Roof mesh pockets for storing items away from sand and water
  • In-built sand pockets are included

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