RCBS Gold Medal Full Length -B Dies


These die sets feature a full length sizer die that uses precision-machined neck bushings (sold separately) to size the case neck just enough provide the exact amount of bullet tension without overworking the brass.

The gold medal seater die also features a micrometre adjustment knob so that bullet depth can be precisely set and reset. The micrometre is connected to a free floating and self centering bullet seating system and has a convenient bullet loading window for easy loading.

Shellholder sold separately.

Technical Information

  • Material: Polished and heat treated steel


Die Types Included:

  • Full length sizer die (with expander-decapping unit)
  • Seater die (with bullet seater plug)



  • Plastic storage case



  • To determine bushing size, measure the outside neck diameter of a loaded cartridge, subtract .002″ to .003″ – this allows approximately .001″ of brass spring back for correct neck tension.
  • Another method is to measure the neck wall thickness of a case, multiply by two, add the diameter of the bullet and subtract .001″ – RCBS suggests purchasing neck bushings one to two sizes above and below the target diameter.
  • Gold medal seating dies may be used on progressive presses, except PPC calibers, 221 Remington Fireball, 22 Hornet.
  • Gold medal match bushing dies will accept bushings made by Hornady, Redding or Wilson in addition to RCBS bushings.
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