Redback Revolution Fish 6’6


Redback Fish 6’6

A wave. A blank canvas just waiting, begging to be made into a masterpiece. Whether of the left-brain artistically inclined vagabonds, or the right-brained number masters who can’t draw to save their lives, every surfer is momentarily transformed into an artist, waiting in the water to sculpt his clay. The Redback Fish, a softboard unlike any other, allows an astounding amount of maneuverability. Design away, young artists!



6’6” x 21” x 2 3/4”




Low-volume rails, refined profile and high performance shape, wooden stringer, larger hi-performance fins, stiffer and more buoyant unique body shape, soft EVA foam rails, slick top deck and bottom.

Designer comments:

Designed as a dedicated Fish from the mould up, right here in Australia. Most other Fish are just adaptations of existing boards, not true Fish.

Amazing low volume rails with a slightly flatter rocker with highly tested placement of fins put this Fish in a class of its own. We have taken all we have learnt from our Revolutionary Technology Series and encompassed it in this board. So expect speed and manoeuvrability similar to fibreglass boards.

Tester’s Assessment: Caleb Tancread

I surfed Tallows on his board. When the wind died it glassed off a bit, and there was still a fair amount of size in the waves. There were a lot of different little peaks but nothing that lasted too long, and this was one of the best boards for the conditions. The sharp rails kept me tucked really close and let me hang onto the wave when it started to lull before a reform. It didn’t feel like a softboard on turns. It was really maneuverable and I could do basically anything I wanted to, and anything I could have done on one of my regular fiberglass boards.

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