Rover Lithium 40AH Power Station



Remote camping for days or weeks at a time is the ultimate outdoor experience. Having a Companion Portable Power Pack on board will ensure that your 12V DC devices are on demand when required. Utilising various output sockets, the 40 amp hour Power Pack is capable of powering all your 12V DC equipment including lighting, a portable fridge, or mobile devices.

The Companion Rover Lithium 40AH Power Station is designed for powering portable fridge/freezers and other 12V appliances while being off-grid. Its lightweight and compact design make it a truly portable power source for your next camping adventure.


  • 40Ah Lithium LiFePO4 Battery
  • 512Wh 
  • Built in MPPT Controller for Direct Solar Charging off your own panels
  • LCD Display – shows input/output usage
  • 2000 Lifecycles 

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