Sea To Summit Xpot Kettle 1.3L


The basic old kettle has seen and felt the flames on camping and hiking trips for centuries. It is efficient at boiling water due to less heat lost and makes handling hot water much easier. Now, with the Sea To Summit X-Pot Kettle it has had its biggest reinvention yet! Do all the things you’re used to doing with a kettle, then squash it flat to fit in your pack. No awkward shapes to pack around, no trying to fit something inside it to save space. Packs as flat as a tack. Also holds 2 X-Mugs inside.
The base is made from hard anodised 6 series aluminium which is an excellent heat exchanger and will take years of abuse. The side walls are foot grade, highly heat resistant silicone and the clear lid is BPA free with a strainer and locks on for packing.

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