Silva Fox Whistle Instructional DVD


Instructional DVD for the Silva Fox Whistle.

As it suggests, this item is an instructional DVD to teach you the technique how to blow the silva Fox Whistle.   Some find it a little tricky while others will master it almost immediately – the DVD will get you going straight away.
Fox whistling is an art that can be practiced for many years.  Here we travel to both ends of the spectrum with footage of our 7 years old grandson Zak whistling up his first fox and my 95 year old great uncle Gilbert Kneipp disposing of one as well.
It also shows an inquisitive feral cat coming to the whistle from approximately ¾km over open country.
The DVD has been produced by us and is designed to be very informative and enjoyable.
Some customers have purchased the whistle on its own and are frustrated to find that it is a bit harder than they anticipated.  Although practice is necessary to get best results, viewing the DVD will give you all the required knowledge and ensure you know the correct noise needed to attract foxes, etc.

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