SPEER 6MM (.243″)


At Speer they live, work, and play in the middle of some of North America’s finest hunting. We are shooters and we understand shooters. Every product they make reflects that fact.

Vernon Speer started making component bullets in 1943 because reloaders couldn’t get the components they needed from the “big” ammo companies. Vernon’s focus was always on the hunting rifle bullet, but he also built the first mass-produced jacketed handgun bullets for hunting and law enforcement and, in the 1960’s, put those bullets into loaded ammo in the now-famous Lawman® line. Vernon understood shooters’ needs, and reacted with quality products.

Over a half-century later, they still run the business that way. The original product lines have been expanded and new ones added. Hot-Cor, Gold Dot, Grand Slam, TNT – products all designed by shooters to delight other shooters with their performance and value.

Lewiston – a small city in north-central Idaho – not a likely place to find one of the world’s major ammunition and component suppliers. Yet they have thrived there for over a half-century and the location contributes to their formula for success. Determination, self-reliance and independence are classic Western attributes that Speer empolyees bring to work every day. It shows in all their ammunition and components — products that are truly“a Cut Above the Rest.”

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