Talon REX deluxe pk


7 archery


Compound Bow Set

Still one of the best ways for juniors to start with

a compound bow. The Talon is easy to draw

and comes complete with all the gear to get

started right. New for this season is the Talon

package now available in left hand. Assembled

inside our new colour display box with padded

bow bag included. The Talon bow is available

in 18-20 pound draw weight. 24-26 inch draw

length. Kids love the Camo finish.

Choose from our standard model or the deluxe.

Deluxe model features new riser shape and

cam wheels with synthetic strings and cables.

Draw length is adjusted with cam modules that

do not need a bow press.

I.B.O. 100 f.p.s.

Draw 24-26”

Weight 15-20 lbs.

Brace Height 6-1/2”

Axle-Axle 34.5”



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