Wheelmate Adjustable Jockey Wheel


Traditional jockey wheels are either a swing away or single point screw clamp system, both of which rely solely on the winding mechanism to provide sufficient lift to raise and lower the trailer/caravan to the tow hitch. In many situations there can be insufficient lift or enough ground clearance to use the traditional jockey wheel safely. The Wheelmate allows the jockey wheel to be set in the ideal position for maximum lift regardless of tow bar height, vehicle load or uneven terrain. The Wheelmate is fully adjustable due to its sliding pin mounting system. It’s also far easier to use; no longer do you have to excessively tighten a jockey wheel clamp to ensure it does not slip, nor do you have any difficulty in releasing the jockey wheel: remove the safety pins and slide the locating pin out – simple.

  • Glass fibre filled nylon wheel
  • Cold formed single piece wheel bracket for extra strength
  • Suits both 100 and 150mm drawer bars
  • Easy to use winding handle that locks in an inverted position for transit
  • U Bolts and Nylock Nuts included
  • Fixed height adjustment is via pin system
  • Screw thread adjustment is via winding handle


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